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ST wrote:

I'm using Seamonkey 1.1.14.  I tried Foxit Reader, but it would always
come up with a Switch/Retry Server Busy pop up when I tried to load
a PDF file.  The only way I could get it to close was to shut down
Seamonkey.  I did find a work around by using the IE Tab to load the
PDF files. But, I found that I'd forget to use that tab and just
click on a WEB pdf file and then Seamonkey would lock up and I'd have
to shut down.

So, I uninstalled Foxit and reinstalled Adobe Reader 9.0.  All went
well and the plugin shows up in the proper location in the Seamonkey
plugin folder.  I also checked the box in Adobe telling it to load
pdf's in the browser.  However, when I try to click on a pdf a box
pops up saying:

"The plug-in performed an illegal operation. You are strongly advised
to restart Seamonkey."

I did a web search for a solution, but so far I've found none.

Suggestions would be appreciated.


I think Adobe is in over their heads with AR. Consequently so are their
users, which is why I stay as far away from them as I can. If you haven't
already tried this, I would uninstall AR9 and then folklow up with
Microsoft's uninstall clean-up utility. Then install Foxit and see if it
will perform properly. But overriding everything is the difficulty of
uninstalling AR - the Internet is full of people in different situations who
have had to resort to different tricks to get rid of it, or just couldn't.

If this piece of software were only marketed to, say, NASA or the medical
profession, it would install, uninstall and work right, but since it's just
the general public, then there's no problem in putting out a piece of crap
and making changes on the fly.

If Foxit still won't work, then based on a casual reading of what I came
across, I'd revert to AR8.


Thanks for the reply. I uninstalled Adobe 9 and installed Adobe 8, but still no joy.

So, I reinstalled Foxit Reader. It still does not work unless I open the pdf file using the IE Tab. I guess that will have to do, and I'll
just have to try to remember to use the IE tab instead of just clicking
on the pdf link.

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