Ken wrote:
Have SM 1.1.11.  I know that there are more recent versions.  But 1.1.11
seems nice and stable. Nonetheless, a 'SeaMonkey Update Notification'
regularly presents itself onscreen (usually after a re-boot). And so I
have clicked on the 'Get It Now' button provided. Trouble is, nothing
happens. (The computer is connected to the Internet, yes.) Comments,

Thanks - Ken (in Oz)

Ken, I don't think the auto-update feature is turned on in SM 1.x, just the portion that lets you know there is an update available, so you still have to manually download the update if you want it.

As I understand it, the auto-update feature will be enabled in Ver 2.0.

(using his sister's computer)
(Test driving SM 2.x)
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