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> nr wrote:
> > On Monday, Monster.com introduced 'improved' web pages.  Now it
> > doesn't work properly with SeaMonkey.  The search results do appear
> > but various items on the screen do not work (change number of lines,
> > next page, sorting, etc.)  Monster has told me it works with various
> > FireFox editions and that they are (supposedly) working on SeaMonkey.
> > I do have a preference named: general.useragent.extra.firefox, with a
> > value: NOT Firefox/ and also
> > general.useragent.extra.seamonkey2, with value: Like Firefox/2.0 .
> > User agent switcher (switching to IE) does not work.  Any suggestions
> > to get Monster.com to work properly?
> > Thanks for any help.
> sorry to say, but everything does work.  I see the same
> thing in SM as I do with FF2 & 3, and I'm not changing
> my UA.  The site does use javascript.  Is that turned
> on? If so, are you using anything that would be
> blocking that stuff, such as NoScripts or Adblock Plus,
> or something similar?
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Thanks for your quick, and incisive, reply.  I do have NoScripts (but
not blocking Monster) and Adblock Plus, which was the problem.  I set
ABP off and the site now works as expected.  Many thanks.
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