On 01/15/09 12:44, Caryn Bloomberg wrote:
> Caryn Bloomberg wrote:
>> > I know this was answered before, but I am not able to locate the 
>> > answer.  There was a setting that needed to be changed that sped up the 
>> > actual viewing of an email.  Currently, I get a little spinning circle 
>> > that lasts a few seconds as I move from email to email or as I delete an 
>> > already viewed email.  Would appreciate someone repeating or directing 
>> > me to the fix.  Thank you.
> I have no idea what that "setting" would be.  Anyways, 
> click on File, Compact Folders.  Did that work?
> No, that was not it and I haven't been able to find the discussion from a few 
> months ago,.....

How many messages do you have in your INBOX? Having a large inbox can impact
performance. You may need to move/file some (most?) messages into other

PS: I don't know how many "a lot" is. Perhaps more than 100? 1000? ... not sure.
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