Bush wrote:
I have Cheracter code set to Western, But some webpages try to use UNICODE and do not load up untill I choose view/character code/ western. and the page loads up immediately, But if I hit Reload it tries to use UNICoDE again.
Edit/preferences/navigator/language is set to western (ISO-8859-1)

One computer stays WESTERN . the other computer switches to unicode most of the time.

seamonkey 1.1.14 on both computers and both are Xp home.


http://www.foxnews.com    UNICODE

http://www.cnn.com    WESTERN

http://www.freep.com    Western

  loads up as unicode

http://www.wxyz.com/default.aspx      unicode.

all of the above load up as WESTERN on the other computer .
My character encoding is also set default to Western-8859-1 under Edit \ Preferences \ Languages \ Character Encoding, and all your links open fine for me. Looking at the View \ Character Encoding, I also see that each page's encoding matches what you stated. One other setting that may have an effect is View \ Character Encoding \ Auto Detect \ Off. That's my setting, does yours match?
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