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Bush wrote:
I have Cheracter code set to Western, But some webpages try to use UNICODE and do not load up untill I choose view/character code/ western. and the page loads up immediately, But if I hit Reload it tries to use UNICoDE again.
Edit/preferences/navigator/language is set to western (ISO-8859-1)

One computer stays WESTERN . the other computer switches to unicode most of the time.

seamonkey 1.1.14 on both computers and both are Xp home.


http://www.foxnews.com    UNICODE

http://www.cnn.com    WESTERN

http://www.freep.com    Western

  loads up as unicode

http://www.wxyz.com/default.aspx      unicode.

all of the above load up as WESTERN on the other computer .
My character encoding is also set default to Western-8859-1 under Edit \ Preferences \ Languages \ Character Encoding, and all your links open fine for me. Looking at the View \ Character Encoding, I also see that each page's encoding matches what you stated. One other setting that may have an effect is View \ Character Encoding \ Auto Detect \ Off. That's my setting, does yours match?

Auto is Off
My seamonkey preferences are all set the Same as my wife's computer and hers stays with Western Same motherboard .Same amd cpu Same cmos setting , Same version of XP , Same video card same version of Seamonkey .

My computer Does not like UNICODE

This all started with the updating Seamonkey to version 1.1.14
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