On 01/21/09 09:14, HeavyDuty wrote:
> Mark Hansen wrote:
>> On 01/21/09 07:17, HeavyDuty wrote:
>>> Tom Coradeschi wrote:
>>>> COMCAST does not allow outgoing SMTP traffic on port 25.
>>>> If your SMTP host is set up to accept connections on port 587, they will 
>>>> allow that. Set your SMTP host configuration to be the same is it is 
>>>> when you are on your normal network (same hostname, login if required, 
>>>> etc).
>>>> If your SMTP host is NOT set up to accept connections on 587, you will 
>>>> need to use COMCAST's SMTP connection (smtp.comcast.net) and 
>>>> authenticate yourself to that server either with your friend's 
>>>> credentials or, if you can have him/her do so for you, with a secondary 
>>>> account they have set up on your behalf.
>>> Tom,
>>> Thanks for that information. How did you come to learn this 
>>> valuable piece of information? I will certainly pass this on 
>>> to McLeod. What you say seems to confirm what Mark Hansen 
>>> said about the 421 error indicating that it was the McLeod 
>>> server sending the error.
>> Actually, it does just the opposite. If Comcast is blocking outgoing port
>> 25, then you would never be able to connect to the Mcleod server on that
>> port - because Comcast would have been blocking it.
>> Since you were able to talk to Mcleod's SMTP server on port 25, that
>> implies Comcast is *not* blocking it.
>> I wonder if Comcast was somehow redirecting your connection from Mcleod
>> port 25 to Comcast's own SMTP server on port 25. You can test this by
>> using telnet. From the "run" dialog, type the following:
>>   telnet email.mcleodusa.net 25
>> then report back the information that is presented in the window.
>> To close that window, just type the word 'quit' and hit return.
> Report:
> telnet email.mcleodusa.net 25
> Command/DOS screen opens but is blank on run command, except 
> for flashing cursor.
> In due time (maybe 45 seconds the following error message:
> 421 Cannot connect to SMTP server, connect 

Well, this is the IP address for email.mcleodusa.net...

> error 10060. Connection lost to host.

but this says you can't talk to it. My guess is that outgoing
port 25 is blocked by Comcast. I don't understand why you were
able to talk to them earlier. Perhaps the block was lifted
momentarily during maintenance or something, and you just
happened to squeak in? I dunno.

> Then the CMD/DOS screen reverts to a commandline cursor with 
> previous info retained on screen. QUIT is required to go 
> back to the Windows desktop.
> telnet email.mcleodusa.net 587
> Screen does not go blank, rather it reports: Connecting to 
> email.mcleodusa.net .....
> Then (in due time) the following additional message:
> Could not open connection to the host on port 587. Connect 
> failed.

Right. I think we've already established that Mcleod doesn't
listen on 587.

> Then the CMD/DOS screen immediately reverts to the Windows 
> desktop.
> With what I //think// I've learned during this extensive 
> discourse in this newsgroup, may I conclude that Comcast 
> will not pass a request for access on port 25 (blocks port 
> 25), and McLeodusa,net is not using (blocks) port 587?

Yes on Comcast. No on Mcleod. They are not blocking anything,
they just don't listen on port 587.

I would tell Mcleod that while you are connected via Comcast,
they block outgoing port 25 and see what they can do for you.
If they only provide access to their SMTP server via port 25,
you'll have to find a different SMTP server. Perhpas using
Comcast's with your friend's credentials, as was mentioned


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