HeavyDuty wrote:
Mark Hansen wrote:
On 01/21/09 09:30, HeavyDuty wrote:
Mark Hansen wrote:
On 01/21/09 07:17, HeavyDuty wrote:
Tom Coradeschi wrote:
COMCAST does not allow outgoing SMTP traffic on port 25.

If your SMTP host is set up to accept connections on port 587, they will allow that. Set your SMTP host configuration to be the same is it is when you are on your normal network (same hostname, login if required, etc).

If your SMTP host is NOT set up to accept connections on 587, you will need to use COMCAST's SMTP connection (smtp.comcast.net) and authenticate yourself to that server either with your friend's credentials or, if you can have him/her do so for you, with a secondary account they have set up on your behalf.
Thanks for that information. How did you come to learn this valuable piece of information? I will certainly pass this on to McLeod. What you say seems to confirm what Mark Hansen said about the 421 error indicating that it was the McLeod server sending the error.
Actually, it does just the opposite. If Comcast is blocking outgoing port 25, then you would never be able to connect to the Mcleod server on that
port - because Comcast would have been blocking it.

Since you were able to talk to Mcleod's SMTP server on port 25, that
implies Comcast is *not* blocking it.

I wonder if Comcast was somehow redirecting your connection from Mcleod
port 25 to Comcast's own SMTP server on port 25. You can test this by
using telnet. From the "run" dialog, type the following:

  telnet email.mcleodusa.net 25

then report back the information that is presented in the window.

To close that window, just type the word 'quit' and hit return.

Now another test.
I can send on my earthlink server via comcast when I use port 587.

This is because Comcast is not blocking port 587. This is normal.

When I try to send to the earthlink server on port 25, I get the typical errors including greeting not recognized and error 10060. This is because earthlink uses port 587 and not 25.


Therefore, I am concluding that McLeodusa and Comcast are incompatible based on Comcast blocking port 25.

That's the way it sounds, but don't give up just yet. Talk to Mcleod
and let them know that Comcast is blocking port 25 and see if there
is anything they can do. They probably won't, but you may as well
ask anyway.

I will wait to learn what McLeodusa second level tech support has to say.

Good luck.
If nothing else, the mystery is clearing up.
Still waiting om McLeod.
Thanks to everyone for your help. It's been an education.
McLeod has spoken...
Yup, yup, yup....McLeod only listens on port 25 and does not require authentication. Comcast blocks port 25 and requires authentication. Substantial contradiction or conflict. I have asked for an "enhancement" regarding port 587. LOL (Lot's of Luck) Ha Ha.
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