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> Sean Rima wrote:
> > Where c an problems with sites be reported. I find that my facebook does
> > not look right using the latest Seamonkey. The friends page never loads,
> > and the toolbar that fb adds to the bottom of its site does not load
> > correctly either. Both featuures work fine in Firefox
> > 
> > Sean
> visit the website in question, then click on Help, 
> Report Broken Web Sites and follow the popups that 
> appear.  Someone from Mozilla Evangelism might contact 
> the facebook people and get to the bottom of things. 
> Then again, that might not help.
> You can also complain to the facebook people themselves 
> and get them to fix their code.  Tell them not to sniff 
> for the browser but rather for the gecko.
> You can also change your User Agent and pretend to be 
> Firefox. That usually solves a lot of these stupid 
> sites that work for Firefox and nothing else.

Will do that tomorrow when i am at home. Only new to Seamonkey so still 

on my mobile

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