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Where c an problems with sites be reported. I find that my facebook does
not look right using the latest Seamonkey. The friends page never loads,
and the toolbar that fb adds to the bottom of its site does not load
correctly either. Both featuures work fine in Firefox

visit the website in question, then click on Help, Report Broken Web Sites and follow the popups that appear. Someone from Mozilla Evangelism might contact the facebook people and get to the bottom of things. Then again, that might not help.

You can also complain to the facebook people themselves and get them to fix their code. Tell them not to sniff for the browser but rather for the gecko.

You can also change your User Agent and pretend to be Firefox. That usually solves a lot of these stupid sites that work for Firefox and nothing else.

Will do that tomorrow when i am at home. Only new to Seamonkey so still learning

on my mobile

FYI: It loads and runs just fine here. Maybe it's because I changed general.useragent.extra.seamonkey from:
Seamonkey/1.1.14  to
Firefox/2.0 SeaMonkey/1.1.14

You can do that from "about:config"

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