Phillip Jones, CET wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Phillip Jones, CET wrote:
System Mac OS 10.4.11
Application SM 1.1.14


After SM is First opened, the first time I right click on a word in a Post or reply That had been marked as misspelled I get a small version of the spinning pizza wheel.

After the first time, subsequent misspelling when clicked on *instantly* come up with out the pizza wheel affect.

I know that the pizza wheel affect means that the computer is having to take time to process either where the dictionary is, or is having to use extra memory to process the dictionary.

I loaded an extension recent that was supposed to allow you to quote a Page in a reply that was recommended. Called quick quote.

I've examined my Personal Dictionary info in my Profile and noticed it was 8K I removed two item by hand and saved the file using Text Edit (an ASCII editor) and saved the file which doesn't affect file type if you do a Straight save. It reduced the file by 4K.

Computer is Macintosh PowerBook 17" with 2 GB Ram. periodical do clean up and repair and regular Maintenance with AppleJack. last time run No problems. do remove all cache files while running it.

Any suggestions??

what happens in a plain test profile? Then add in your personal dic and see what happens there.

Okay now I swapped the dictionaries. Dictionary comes up instantly.

So its not personal Dictionary Must be the Quick Quote extension. Now how do I get rid of it in seamonkey?

Okay I installed the extension manager and Uninstaller. I was able to remove and the slow reaction to the dictionary stopped.

I know I am responding out of sequence bot according to the dictionary, the words dic and tet in your original post showed up as misspelled words so I used this as a test.

You know I've had the extension manager/uninstaller combo in the past in various versions of SM and it never worked I ended up just removing the chrome folder and Chrome RDF file away then reinstall my extensions.
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