John Clemente wrote:
I have been using the Mozilla, then SeaMonkey suite for many, many years on different computers. I have many archives with mail profiles I would like to being into my current 1.1.9 version

I would also like to bring forward the passwords that were saved.

Is there anywhere i can go to get a simple "how to" instruction??

John Clemente

John, close your Sm 1.1.9

If your old emails are still in their Mozilla profiles, the messages that you received will be in a file called "inbox" (without the quotes). Rename these files to "oldinbox1", "oldinbox2", etc, and move them to the same location as your current SM 1.1.0 profile "inbox".

Don't worry about the "inbox.msf" files, they will be re-created when needed.

Similarly, the messages you sent using Mozilla Suite will be in files called "sent" (again, no quotes). Change the file names to "oldsent1", etc, then move these files into your SM profile.

When you restart SM, you should see all these files now listed in your SM profiles, so you can move the messages to your main inbox and sent files, etc., then delete the old files.

Not sure how you would combine your password files, maybe someone else will drop by with this info!!

Whilst you're at it, John, you may want to update to SM ver 1.1.14, which will then take over your SM 1.1.9 profile.


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