System Pentium 3 @ 500Mhz with 750Mb memory
OS is Win98se with SM 1.1.14

1) I am experiencing long waits and pauses at various times
in the news client.
 1.1) When I switch newsgroups by clicking on a new group
or using the down arrow there will often be up to a 30 second
pause before the highlighting of the group changes. Often there
will be another 30 second pause before the article header pane
reacts. Then after tabbing to the header list display, another
long pause before pressing the End key jumps me to the end
of the title list. If I press the End key early then the display
moves down but the scroll indicator crawls up to show that what's
displayed is not the end of the list.
 1.2) Sometimes trying to move, point, to a new article causes
a pause before the highlight will move.

2) If I have the system monitor running, moving to a new newsgroup
shows the cpu to become totally 100% saturated for a period that
depends on the group size. Sometimes several minutes. Also often
the disk activity light comes on and blinks very rapidly for the

3) Several times jumping from the news account to my mail account
and trying to do a Get Messages brings up a message that
folder is being processed and I should try again later.

It seems that 1.1.14 has developed some new quirks and
has been slowed down from 1.0.7
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