Rostyslaw Lewyckyj wrote:
SM 1.1.14 on Win98se.
In my message about cross posting I wrote:

I wanted to cross post an article to  and
The news server carries both groups
and I am subscribed to the newsgroup
on both servers.

you really shouldn't cause the posting to the support group on bellsouth will not show up here

However connected to the server,
when I tried to cross post my article, I received the error
message that I can not post an article to two servers!
I had to post the article separately to each group!

because you've got it listed on another server. Remove the newsgroup on that other server and your posting should go through. Then again, read what I wrote above.

What's going on? Why was SM checking the mozilla server
subscription list?

In addition while I was composing my article I was receiving
spurious messages from the system:
 One message complained about improper characters in the message
 and asking me whether I wanted to send the message in utf-8 encoding.

yeah, thats normal. If the posting your sending is in utf-8 and you're usually using another character encoding, then you'll get that message

 A second message complained that my message could not be saved as
 a draft message and that I could only post to one news server at
 a time.
Each of the error messages popped up several times with about
4 or 5 minute intervals.

What's going on?

its thinking that you're trying to save to two servers when it should only be one

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