On 02/08/09 10:22, John Doue wrote:
> Mark Hansen wrote:
>> On 02/07/09 23:29, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>> flyguy wrote:
>>>> This site
>>>> http://www.sciencedebate2008.com/www/index.php
>>>> displays very poorly. The menu bar is fine, but the rest of it is mostly 
>>>> off-screen to the right. There is no horizontal scroll bar, so it's 
>>>> impossible to read. My other computer with SM 1.1.14 does the same 
>>>> thing; IE 7 displays it properly.
>>>> I've tried disabling McAfee security, allowing all cookies, popups and 
>>>> images, but no joy. My useragent strings are
>>>> general.useragent.extra.Firefox  Firefox/2.0
>>>> general.useragent.extra.seamonkey  SeaMonkey/1.1.14
>>>> Any suggestions?
>>> it looks the same to me in IE7 as it does in SM 1.1.14.
>>> Perhaps the suggestions here might help:
>>> http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Websites+look+wrong
>>> If not, then post a screenshot of what you see, cause I 
>>> sure don't see anything wrong.
>> Using SeaMonkey 1.1.13 on Linux, if I just increase the font size a
>> little, everything gets hosed. Try Ctrl+Plus a couple or three times
>> and you should see it.
> Just a fact: this site, as others which do not display properly with 
> 1.1.14 displays properly with 1.1.13 on XP.

Just a fact: I viewed the site referenced by the OP on SeaMonkey 1.1.13
on Windows/XP, increased the font size by one step and it went bonkers.

>                                               As an individual user, I
> care mostly about seeing sites, even poorly written, properly.

Well, good luck with that. The problem is that many site developers don't
understand what is needed to design their application to work on multiple
browsers. They test that it runs on their browser of choice (usually, IE)
and others are left to chance.

> It is a difficult issue for developers, but until there is an Internet 
> police, the user is king ...

So, as a user, what can you do? You can certainly contact the site
developer and let them know about their site's shortcoming. You can
view their site with *their* preferred browser. You can boycott their
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