Sun, 08 Feb 2009 19:14:02 -0800, /flyguy/:

displays very poorly. The menu bar is fine, but the rest of it is mostly off-screen to the right. There is no horizontal scroll bar, so it's impossible to read. My other computer with SM 1.1.14 does the same thing; IE 7 displays it properly.

Bingo! My minimum font size (Appearance|Fonts|Minimum) was set to 12. Setting to 11 and everything is in place and looking good. I've never come across a site that was so sensitive to font size; ocasionally, enlarging the font might overlap some text or put a few characters on the border where they are a little harder to read. But, to have 90% of the page disappear off to the right is unprecedented for me!

As noted, three ctrl+ and 90% of the page jumps a page width or so the right. That's with the minimum font size set to 11.

Instead of sacrificing your preferences, you may try adding the following rule to your "userContent.css" style sheet:

@-moz-document domain("") {
  #content { clear: left; }

You may also apply it using the Stylish extension.

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