Rostyslaw Lewyckyj wrote:
SM 1.1.14 on Win98se.
I wanted to cross post an article to  and
The news server carries both groups
and I am subscribed to the newsgroup
on both servers.
However connected to the server,
when I tried to cross post my article, I received the error
message that I can not post an article to two servers!
I had to post the article separately to each group!

What's going on? Why was SM checking the mozilla server
subscription list?

Rostyslaw, when this news server was set up, it's groups were to be copied to Google-groups for archiving purposes, but they were never meant to make it to the Usenet servers, but somehow they did.

I did find several of the Mozilla groups on my Usenet server, Teranews, and there were posts being made to the groups, even posts about Thunderbird Bug Days.

I think I eventually reported these bogus groups to the real server groups, and, eventually, the bogus groups disappeared from my Usenet server!!

Maybe you need to do the same!!

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