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Rostyslaw Lewyckyj <> wrote:

> was added to server
> on 9/23/08 and receiving messages from wherever until 1/20/09.

[big snip]

> On Friday evening I wrote to our news administrators complaining
> about the sudden stop in articles to
> on 1/20/09 on the local server.
> Now I'll have to write them that they need to delete, expunge,
> the newsgroup on the local server and block accepting any attempts
> to post to the newsgroup? OR What is the proper solution?

Yes, the best solution would be for them to remove all mozilla.*
groups from their server. You can refer them to the third paragraph
under "General Information" at

  The mozilla.* hierarchy is a local news hierarchy only available
  through and is not propagated to other Usenet
  servers. This is by design, in order to both help eliminate spam and
  provide slower lag time between posts and replies without having to
  wait for propagation. Please do not mirror our newsgroups elsewhere
  without providing a disclaimer that they should use
  to post. (We do share them with Google Groups to provide a web access
  method and archiving.)

[I've crossposted and set followup to mozilla.general]

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