On 2/9/2009 3:56 AM, LifeHandle wrote:
> Hi.
> Recently I installed the add-on Stumbleupon onto Seamonkey. Decided I
> didn't like it so I uninstalled it. Since then (despite completely un-
> installing Seamonkey) my Seamonkey browser won't display properly.
> I lose the bottom 20% of the screen to a beige band.
> Any hints as to how I can solve this problem. I am running the latest
> version of Seamonkey according to the website.
> John

The large bar at the bottom is a vertically expanded status bar.  This
happens (among other reasons) when you only partially remove an
extension.  You may have to create a new profile (which is not normally
in the same directory as SeaMonkey) and carefully move files from your
old profile into the new one.

David E. Ross

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