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Recently I installed the add-on Stumbleupon onto Seamonkey. Decided I
didn't like it so I uninstalled it. Since then (despite completely un-
installing Seamonkey) my Seamonkey browser won't display properly.

I lose the bottom 20% of the screen to a beige band.

Any hints as to how I can solve this problem. I am running the latest
version of Seamonkey according to the website.


First, a lesson: all your mail, preferences, bookmarks, addons, extensions, passwords, etc, are stored in an area called the profile. This profile is separate from where the program is installed. When you uninstall, all you're doing is removing the program. The profile is not touched. So, when you reinstall the program, it picks up the same profile and starts using it. That is why you can't get rid of it.

Solution: try the extension manager AND the extension uninstaller. You need both of them for it to work:

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