Cristian Zoicas wrote:

Cristian Zoicas wrote:
Hello all,

I use SeaMonkey 1.1.12 on Ubuntu Linux and I want to get the following
behaviour from the SeaMonkey mail client:

Some of the  mail messages I receive  I want to save them  in a custom
folder in my home directory. Let's call it here "important-mail".  The
"important-mail" folder MUST NOT  be located under the "Local Folders"
folder which is accessible from the mail client interface but  must be
accessible from  the folder pane in  the same way we  access our usual
folders. Thus, saving  email messages  in the  filesystem should  be a
simple  drag   &  drop  operation   instead  of  a   boring  File/Save
as/etc. Also reading  messages should be simpler then  reading a saved
message since  I don't  have to  open them by  going through  the File
menu, but will be enough  to click on "important-mail" folder and then
on the message subject.

Solutions for Seamonkey on MS Windows are welcomed too.


First of all thank you for the reply.

If I'm understanding you right, you can right click on your email address and add a new folder. I have two: Temp and Keepers.

Porbably I didn't explain very well. I have lots of folders but all of
them are  on the IMAP server  and of course, I  can copy/move messages
between them. I  do not have problems creating  folders on the server.
My problem  is creating  folders on  my filesystem. And  I  want these
folders to behave like those on the server.

The  perfect  example of  such a folder  (and of  what I want)  is the
"Local folders" folder  which is stored on  my machine  filesystem and
which is accessible from the "folder pane".

Can I  create another folder similar  to "Local folders"  which is not
stored under "Local folders"?

 > I drag
emails about orders etc into Temp until the order is received. Keepers is for later archiving as .txt or .eml files on another hard drive.


Cristi, the short answer is "Yes and No"!

The "Local Folders" folder is, effectively, another email account, just as your email account is an email account. If you want to have another email account, select Edit|Mail&Newsgroup Account Settings and give yourself another account.

If, however, Cristi, all you're looking for is somewhere to store your various folders from your IMAP server on your computer, then you just need to create some folders, either under your mail account or under your "Local Folders" and move your mail there.

Under my email account, I have added extra folders for various groups of emails I receive, i.e. emails from my family goes into a folder called "2009_Sisters", email from my local astronomy group goes into my "2009_ASAW" folder, etc., etc. Then, at the end of the year, I will move all these "2009_...." groups over to my Local Folders and make a group of "2010_...." folders under my email account.

If this is what you want, select your email account (the account name not the inbox under your email account) and select File|New|Folder and give it a suitable name, then move all your emails from your IMAP account.


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