Cristi, the short answer is "Yes and No"!

The "Local Folders" folder is, effectively, another email account, just as your email account is an email account. If you want to have another email account, select Edit|Mail&Newsgroup Account Settings and give yourself another account.

You are  right, I've  seen that,  but unfortunately I  am not  able to
create another  account of  that type. It  should have been  the worst
perfect  solution. ("worst" because I do not need the entire directory
structure under "Local folders")

If, however, Cristi, all you're looking for is somewhere to store your various folders from your IMAP server on your computer
>, then you just
> need to create some folders, either under your mail account or under
> your "Local Folders" and move your mail there.

Unfortunately  no...   My  email   is  already   oranized  (  more  or
less... :)  ). I need specific folders on  my filesystem to  store the
email.  One of  the  solutions was  to  create a  folder under  "Local
folders" by using  the normal procedure, then from  the command prompt
to MOVE that folder to the place I want and make a symbolic link to it
from the  original position.   It works but  it is somehow  tedious to
perform the entire cycle each time you want to create a folder.

If this is what you want, select your email account (the account name not the inbox under your email account) and select File|New|Folder and give it a suitable name, then move all your emails from your IMAP account.

I've tried...  nothing happens. A  dialog windows appears, I  type the
<folder_name> but  when  I press  "ok"  nothing happens. No folder  is
created/seen into  the mail  client and not  folder is created  in the
filesystem (looked for it with "find ~ -name <folder_name>").



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