jasper.dekeij...@gmail.com wrote:
Currently I use the NVU editor, which is embedded in the UNIFACE
product. However this editor contains a bug concerning inner div's and
resize handles.

<div style="position:absolute">Test123<div

The resize handles of the inner div are not positioned correctly
around the div. It lack the offset of the parent relative to the edit
window. So the parent is at 100,100 and the handles of the inner are
100,100 pixels too much to the top left corner of the edit window.

This bug has been fixed for seamonkey. Can someone tell me which
source etc I should have a look. I'm building the NVU myself but have
no glue where to look for this problem

THanks in advance

perhaps you should ask in their forum for help: http://wysifauthoring.informe.com/forum/

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