Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
> DoctorBill wrote:
>> and
>>   their manual
>> This is a program mentioned in Popular Science March 2009 page 78.
>> It supposedly warns one if a link is going to redirect you to another site.
>> Apparently Google has a plugin that will do the same thing.
>> Does anyone here know about it or used it ?
>> DoctorBill
> I used privoxy once, and it was far too much trouble 
> than it was worth.  I gave up with it.

Peter the Impatient Hippo?  I've used privoxy for several years on both
Windows and Linux boxes.  Yes, it does require some tweaking if you're
not happy with the defaults.

Regarding redirects, what privoxy does is truncate, e.g.,

bypassing and going directly to

This can be reconfigured on a per site basis if you don't like the defaults.

I don't recall ever seeing a warning, however.  Privoxy works silently
in the background without throwing up a lot of eye candy when it's doing
it's job.

> I have to idea about google's
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