Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Bush wrote:
The Url I am Refering to is

When I try to write a comment to one of the stories , and Make a Typo, And I use the Backspace Seamonkey CLoses the Blog.

Internet Explore lets me USE the Backspace to Correct the Typo.

I See ( In Seamonkey help) That the BACKSPACE is Used for a Shortcut to Back... IE also uses that Shortcut..

Why doesn't Seamonkeys version of Flashplayer Turn off the Backspace Key shortcut , Where The IE version Does?

first of all, its not a flashplayer box where you type your comments. Flash has nothing to do with it. Its just an ordinary text box. Second, the backspace works just like that in IE. I tried it and it works. Therefore, there is something wrong at your end. Close SM, then click on the windows start button, then run and enter:

seamonkey.exe -p

this will bring up the SM profile manager. Create a test profile. Start SM using that profile. Does the problem continue in this profile.

 Thanks ... Just creating a Default profile Worked .

But now My original Profile lets me Use the Backspace to Correct the Typo's Also.
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