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Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
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The Url I am Refering to is

When I try to write a comment to one of the stories , and Make a Typo, And I use the Backspace Seamonkey CLoses the Blog.

Internet Explore lets me USE the Backspace to Correct the Typo.

I See ( In Seamonkey help) That the BACKSPACE is Used for a Shortcut to Back... IE also uses that Shortcut..

Why doesn't Seamonkeys version of Flashplayer Turn off the Backspace Key shortcut , Where The IE version Does?

first of all, its not a flashplayer box where you type your comments. Flash has nothing to do with it. Its just an ordinary text box. Second, the backspace works just like that in IE. I tried it and it works. Therefore, there is something wrong at your end. Close SM, then click on the windows start button, then run and enter:

seamonkey.exe -p

this will bring up the SM profile manager. Create a test profile. Start SM using that profile. Does the problem continue in this profile.

 Thanks ... Just creating a Default profile Worked .

But now My original Profile lets me Use the Backspace to Correct the Typo's Also.

then its probably one of those little glitches that happens every so often, and it corrects itself with a restart of SM.

Thanks for the Wonderfull Tip .
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