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On top of the little mail envelope icon to the left of the line
labeling my mail accounts there is, painted on, a submicroscopic
icon. When I look at it under the system magnifying glass, it,
sort of, looks like a hasp. What is this supposed to mean?
At various other times there are other diverse submicroscopic
icons that adorn the envelope icon. Some of them are even dynamic.
Where are these described? I have tried to find them in the help
manual. But haven't had much success.
So please help me find an explanation of:
1) What looks like a submicroscopic hasp on the envelope icon
to the left of the mail account label
2) What looks like a head and shoulders, or a spring clip,
on the upper left corner of the Inbox folder icon to the left
of the Inbox label of my Imap mail account.

What Peter said .. and .. the "hasp" icon means that the account is SSL enabled.

For Pete's sake! This is the first time I have noticed my Home folder has such an icon on it too!

If you had said "lock icon" instead of "hasp" I never would have noticed!
That icon looks like a 'padlock' to me, so it was off to Google!  <g>

There they brought me up to date, relating the term in use regarding computer security.


keith whaley
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