Red Bird wrote:
David E. Ross wrote:
On 2/22/2009 8:12 AM, Red Bird wrote:
I downloaded the Flash Player uninstaller to the desktop and ran it. And then I downloaded the Flash Player for Mozilla to the desktop. I closed SeaMonkey and the Tash Manager showed nothing running. I ran the Flash Player. I went to the site and a message said I needed the Flash Player. I went to C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash
The Flash Folder has the following in it.
NPSWF32 Flashutil.exe (this shows a flash icon)
Can anyone see where I have made errors? Thanks.

First of all, on your menu bar select [Help > About Plugins].  Do you
see Flash?

Then use SeaMonkey to visit
<>.  Do you pass the Flash
installation test?

If the answers to both questions is "Yes", then you have properly
installed Flash.

The message about needing the Flash player is often the result of the
combination of two errors in the Web server.  These are USAToday's
problems, not yours.

The first error is that the server is sniffing for what browser you are
using by looking for "Firefox".  If sniffing can be justified at all,
the server should sniff for "Gecko".

The second error is that the server has been coded to give the wrong
response when sniffing fails to provide a recognized browser.  Instead
of telling you that you need IE or Firefox -- ignoring the fact that
there are a number of other browsers in use -- it's telling you that you
need Flash.

The workaround for these problems is to spoof IE or Firefox.  Spoofing
methods have been thoroughly discussed in other threads in this newsgroup.

Followed your instructions: about plugins and I found Flash there. Visited Flash and it said: " successfully installed" I then spoofed USA Today with IE and there was no message that I needed to install Flash. Thank you David!!! Thanks to everone that helped.

No quite the end of the story since you should not need to spoof IE to access USAToday. I access the site normally with SM 1.1.13.

John Doue
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