Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
HeavyDuty wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
HeavyDuty wrote:
Seamonkey 1.1.14, WIN XP SP3

One of my newsgroup listings on the left pane keeps losing
all its subscriptions. The newsgroup happens to be to It has been there for years and
subscriptions come and go as I add and delete. I always
refresh the subscription list when ever I add or remove.
Yesterday, I noticed all my subscriptions under the MS
newsgroup were gone (no + next to the NG name/no
subscription names under it). I went into the account, added
back one subscription, which was OK. But, later, I don't
know whether it was when I re-started Seamonkey or
restarted the computer, but the subscription was gone again.
This has happen four times now.
I have deleted the NG and added a new one for ms. Too early to report that the new one is stable. I am wondering what could cause the repeated loss of the subscriptions?

others have complained about similar problems with newsgroups, especially the MS ones. Then again, I've never experienced any such problems.

Thanks Peter,

How does this happen(rhetorical question)?, I know not. I venture it may be some combination of intermediate/temporary RAM memory failure and writing back to "news" and/or some other HDD files. This happened on an Intel Centrino Core Dual computer. There have been suggestions and suspicious that this technology creates unexpected results.
The newly created MS NG account is stable, at least for today.

I'm only taking a guess here but maybe this might help: when you remove the account, close SM, and remove all the left over files in the News section of the SM profile.

Thanks Peter.

The latest attempt to reinstall the MS NGs worked. But, after reading your suggestion, I removed it and took out all mentions of all the previous newsgroup in the .slt\news directory. Then I started a new clean one. Still stable (but only one NG subscribed) so far.
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