System Win 98 se and SM 1.1.14
I try to download an article and get a blank screen, with _done_ on
the status line at the bottom of the screen.
I play around trying to reload the article, backup to previous
article, mark it unread and come back at a later time ...
No luck I keep getting a blank screen!
CTRL-U also displays a blank screen.

Then I happen to type CTRL-R and suddenly I get a reply window
WITH THE TEXT OF THE MISSING MESSAGE in the window as is usual
when replying to a news article!
The article display window is still blank, and so is the display
source window!
I delete the reply attempt (since I am not interested in replying)
I close the display source window and the article display window
I retrieve some other articles AND
I come back to try to retrieve the mystery article.
Again I get a blank screen.

What is going on here? How and where is the body of the mysterious
article hiding?
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