System is Win98 se and SM 1.1.14
Recently (since upgrading to 1.1.14) on some web pages I have had
the following:
1) I hover over a #type link internal to the page and a little window
pops up showing a miniaturized contents at the link. Or over the tab
for a covered tab window and see a miniature of the covered window.
2) I hover over a highlighted keyword on the page and a little
advertisement pops up, which usually has link button for 'more info'

The events in 1) don't bother me much the events in 2) do.
Are those ghostly advertisements an indication of some malware that's
taken up residence in my system, or are they Javascripts that have
been included in the web page code?
E.g. on
I get an ad hovering over Windows98 and a few other spots.

How can I stop these ghosts?
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