NOTE: this is a 2.0 problem, followups are directed there!

I have a need to extract and record passwords in the security device in some portable and human readable format. Others must share this problem, the last time I mentioned it I got not one, but two scripts to turn the passwords into HTML. Not as convenient as a csv file, but something which can be parsed in an automated manner if needed, although moving things from one machine to another is still some drag and drop.

If someone who is a guru in this stuff could make either of those work with the coming 2.0 version it would save a LOT of time. The existing scripts are adequate with 1.1.14, but just don't work with the 2.0 test versions.

NOTE ON POLICY: if the developers don't understand why import and export tools would be a major selling point for seamonkey, then they live in a vacuum. Since the Terry Childs incident, many employers and organizations have suddenly had the thought that if only one person, or a small group, has passwords, they (a) could hold the passwords for ransom, or (b) be hit by a bus. So more and more organizations are requiring that the passwords be put in a safe place to prevent loss, and in a useful format not requiring still more passwords, etc.

SIMILAR CASES: both GPG and SSH provide ways to export and import keys, with optional security requiring a pass phrase or not. This is a common need, and not providing an easy way to move and share individual passwords does not really make seamonkey more *secure*, just more *inconvenient*. I don't expect the developers to change the policy, I'd just like to see an extension which allows sensible operation in the current job market.

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