Bill Davidsen wrote:
I saw these today:

and I do think that there are people who will choose a browser based on
rendering speed.

1) JS execution is not rendering speed. Rendering a website takes more than just JS - actually, for most websites, JS isn't the main factor in rendering speed at all.

2) SunSpider numbers are benchmarks that concentrate on running lots of JS commands over and over again in tight loops. Real-World JS is usually not doing that, so it's comparing apples with oranges. Both are fruit and somewhat sphere-shaped and still they are completely different.

3) You are free to work on speeding up JS in Mozilla even more, the code is all open and contributors are always welcome.

4) SeaMonkey 2 will ship with the same TraceMonkey-enabled JS engine as Firefox 3.1, and the current versions are still far from optimized.

Robert Kaiser
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