Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
rjk wrote:
is there any relationship between my WIN XP Sound (no audio device) and SM 1.1.14. Is there any option in SM that turns OFF Sound or may conflict with the sound drivers

Just trying to eliminate hardware / software conflicts

no, but if you tell us what exactly the problem is then maybe someone can help.

the problem WAS that there was NO SOUND on my XPPro system. Did some reading about others who have/had this problem, and some still do. Other's just either reinstalled their sound drivers, or activated windows sound (control panel/admin tools/services/windows sound) I checked all those.. and there were all OK. The problem resolved itself by me finally changing over to another system, which I was planning to do. I'm sure the problem still exists on the old system but... that's history @ this point ( and a future project). I did go thru SM and didn't see any audio related features, but needed dto make sure. Tks for your reply -

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