Joseph Puentes wrote:

I just bought a new computer and "kind of" know how to move Seamonkey over to my new computer with a couple of problems that I need your help with.

1) I am trying to find the "Mozilla" folder so I can copy and paste it to my new "Mozilla" folder so that when I open seamonkey it will hopefully see the new info there and open it like it was set up on my old computer (note: I should be able to do this since I have both computer recognizing each other in a network)

The problem is that I find the Mozilla folder on my old computer here:

C:DocumentsAndSettings/Figen(name of computer Folder)/ApplicationData/Mozilla <===here is where the profiles are kept and that is specifically what I should be hunting for to try to install into my new Seamonkey set up.

But I can't find any of the above on the C drive of the new computer I click on it and get this:






I "think" I have exhaustively searched the above three folders but can't find the profiles area.

On my new computer I did a "search" for profiles, application data, and Mozilla and didn't find the folder. I do have a working copy of the seamonkey program installed on the new computer so I know it (profile folder) has to be there someplace but it beats the hell out of me where it is.

please help,


Joseph, if you what your profile in a particular location, the other guys have given you that info, but if the location is not critical then get SeaMonkey going on both computers, have a look at Edit|Mail&Newsgroup Account Settings, select your mail account, then select "Server Settings". At the bottom of this screen, there is a section called "Local Directory". On your old computer, this is where your profile data IS. On the new computer, this is where SM wants to put your profile Data. Just copy from the old to the new!!


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