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Using SeaMonkey 1.1.14 email client, I tried to save a MS created rich message as .eml file. The messages contained embedded images which first was displayed correct in SM. But after saving to file.eml and loading the file in SM next, there was only a text reference ole0.bmp and the image was gone. Tried also to force file type .html without more success.

How to possibly save a rich message with embedded images to a file with images correctly? Isn't that possible?

Terje J. Hanssen

when saving, try clicking on the drop down and save as html, then don't forget to remove the eml from the name. Did that work?

I expect you mean what I already also had tried:
SM File>Save as>File
Save as type: Dropdown - html
and remove eml from the name

1) No; opening this file.html from Seamonkey or from Firefox holds only a text reference ole0.bmp and no image visible.

2) The same happends if I right click on file.html or file.eml and select Open with>Seamonkey from the context menu.

3) But I found out one way it works:
If I spesifically starts the Semonkey Email client and use File>Open_File and select file.eml, then the image is displayed correct in the message.

The task still is to save it as a file.html so that it can be loaded in a web browser or to export it as pdf.

If you use a free PDF printer driver like CutePDF (, you can "print" directly to PDF from SM, or from any other program that can print, for that matter.

I can do the very same thing with the Edit/Print/PDF command in SM 1.1.13! No need for a separate application. SM had already anticipated that need.

keith whaley
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