On 03/05/2009 02:06 AM, terje wrote:
> flyguy wrote:

>> If you use a free PDF printer driver like CutePDF (cutepdf.com), you can 
>> "print" directly to PDF from SM, or from any other program that can 
>> print, for that matter.
> Yes, I forgot that option which I use sometimes. As I already had Adobe 
> Acrobat 5 on Windows (icluded Destiller and PDFWriter), I tested the 
> latter from SM on Windows and it worked.
> But on Linux? I just installed PDFedit, but it doesn't look to work like 
> a printer, just as a standalone application. Maybe Cups-pdf is a 
> workable solution?

cups-pdf works just fine.

> But of interest, can't also Seamonkey write to PDF files in the same way 
> that Firefox does?

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