Stéphane Grégoire wrote:
Rostyslaw Lewyckyj a tapoté, le 04.03.2009 21:18:
My SM 1.1.14 reports 37227 articles in the group.

My Seamonkey 2.0a3 say exactly the same and certainly 37228 when this message will be posted.

The first message i have is on 10.01.2006 07:04.
and Xref:

The first message on a newsgroup may be the message which create it.

My first article is also #2 with
message-id: <>
and my last article is #37412
Message-ID: <>
and the article count is reported as 37258 at this time.
37412-37258=154 So ~150 articles unaccounted for. ???
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