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Dick Hoffman wrote:
This email is prompted by an exchange of messages regarding a problem accessing Hotmail with SeaMonkey. Is there a way I can access my Hotmail account with SeaMonkey's mail component, not the browser component? I've blithely assumed I had to get my mail from Hotmail through the browser but is that really true? If it's possible to configure SeaMonkey mail to get my Hotmail messages, what do I need to do to set up the access?


it depends. If you live anywhere in the world, except the US, then you can read my thoughts on this:

or, if you live in the US, then you need a third party proxy/email popper program such as freepops:

I endorse freepops as well.

I was using the Webmail extensions, but they didn't work for me more often then they worked. Freepops has restored function for both Hotmail and Yahoo accounts.

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