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I'm currently using SeaMonkey 1.1.14. As of last week, when someone
forwards me an email as an attachment, the attachment is not
recognized. Its as if it has no clue what to do with the content type
(Content-Type: message/rfc822) or recognize the boundaries between
sections (text and images). So images show up as the encoded ASCII
text and can't be viewed. I also have access to a web interface to
view email and I can see it fine there. It's only if I view it from an
email client on the PC that I have a problem. And it only occurs with
forwarded emails. If someone sends an email and attaches a file (such
as a jpg) it comes through fine.

I ran a couple of tests where I took an email someone had forwarded to
me with images and forwarded it to myself as both an attachment and
inline. I also tested sending the email by composing in html and as
plain text. The results were consistent, if I select the "Forward
Messages" as "Inline", I was able to view the forwarded email fine. If
I select "Attachment" then I couldn't. I have my view settings set to
"View as original html" and to "Display attachments inline". These
haven't changed (nor does changing them allow me to view the forwarded
emails). I thought at first that my firewall or virus software was
corrupting the emails as the were being downloaded to the PC but
turning them off didn't change anything.

So, any ideas or explanations as to why, suddenly, forwarded emails
should be so problematic? Or what, if anything, I can do to fix the
problem (other than having the sender re-forward the email inline
rather than as attachment)?

Have seen that problem also with TB and IMAP.
Just moving the message to a local folder fixed my 'problem'.
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