Geoff Welsh wrote:
Rich Gray wrote:

This smells like

How did you install SM?  Did you install it as a regular user by
authenticating or just do it in an admin account?   Seems to me
that there was something about the admin user having to run SM first
or something...   I never did quite figure it out.

That sounds exactly like the problem! I am always running from my admin account which obviously ruins the second user SM. I'll dig into that permissions modification later and report my result.

It seems I have fixed the problem, although not by modifying read/write privileges.

Trashing the chrome.rdf in the chrome folder of the Application "package contents" (NOT the chrome.rdf in the chrome folder of the User's profile folder) causes SM to function normally in the second (machine's) User acct.. Launching SM in the main user acct, creates a new chrome.rdf but the SM in the second user acct still works.

Thanks for the bug link!
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