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create a test profile and see if the problem continues in that. Does it?

I can't create a test profile. SM doesn't function. There are no menu bar items. (see pic again.)

what do you mean you can't create a test profile? What does the current problem have to do with you not creating a test profile? End SM. I don't know how mac works, but there should be a way to end it. If you were using windows, then you can end it with the task manager [thats ctrl+alt+del]. Mac should have something similar. Then look in the program folder [thats the folder that has a bunch of icons, and it was created when you installed SM]. Inside it is something called Profile Manager. Start that. From there, you will be able to create a test profile. Sorry I can't help you further, cause you're using a mac. If you were using windows, then thats another story. Someone who knows mac will be able to help you from what I've said.

None of that applies to Mac. I /was/ however able to create a test profile by first clicking the mail icon. The mail window is not broken (like the web window) and has a functional menu bar, so the TOOLS option was there. After creating the new profile, the web window was no longer broken (i.e. menu bar is now there).

I then quit SM, and relaunched it. Now it won't even open any real windows! Just a non defined window that says:

XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
Location: chrome://communicator/content/profile/profileSelection.xul
Line Number 53, Column 1:<dialog

Oh, well, MY SM in MY User account works fine, but I guess no guests will ever get to use SM from the other User account.


from the email program, click on Edit, Preferences, Appearance, Theme, and select either the Classic or Modern. Restart SM. Did that work?

My theory on all of this is that while the Seamonkey app is stored in the Applications folder and is available to all users on a multi-User account enabled machine, the Mozilla folder is stored in the Library folder of each individual User and is available to only the use which is logged in at the time - i.e.; each account has it's own Mozilla folder in it's own Library.

Try this - open your Admin account and set up Seamonkey the way you want it, with your multiple profiles. Then copy the entire Mozilla folder from your Admin account Library to the Library folder of the second (Guest, or other) User that you have set up.

If I am correct, the bookmarks, etc. of the alternate User accounts will not stay synched, but at least you will be that much further along to where you want to be.

     - Rufus
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