ST wrote:
> Caryn Bloomberg wrote:
>> I know this was answered before, but I am not able to locate the 
>> answer.  There was a setting that needed to be changed that sped up 
>> the actual viewing of an email.  Currently, I get a little spinning 
>> circle that lasts a few seconds as I move from email to email or as I 
>> delete an already viewed email.  Would appreciate someone repeating or 
>> directing me to the fix.  Thank you.
> Hello,
> I've had that same problem and asked the same question.  The answer
> I finally received was that it was normal-just deal with it.

Well, it's not really normal (inherent in what SeaMonkey needs to do to
display mail).

It's apparently a bug that SeaMonkey re-scans some plug-ins (or extensions?)
directory before displaying each message.  I don't remember any more details,
so try searching the list archives (several months ago).

(Plain text sometimes corrupted to HTML "courtesy" of Microsoft Exchange.) [F]

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