Mark Hansen wrote:
On 03/12/09 15:13, Rick Merrill wrote:
Leonidas Jones wrote:
This server does not honor cancel requests, I am afraid. If you cancel your original, it will be removed from your view, but not from the server, not to mention the Google archive.
Assuming that is so, why can I not "delete" messages posted from other people, if i just want to not see them?

Your use of the phrase "Assuming that is so" leaves me a little confused.
Do you feel that the news server's inability to cancel posts somehow should
then allow you to delete other poster's messages? I think I'm missing the
connection here.

actually, you can delete someone elses postings. If you download the messages for offline use, then the posting reside on your computer, and you can do anything you want.

But, you can't delete the postings from the server, because the server doesn't belong to you.

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