On 03/13/09 10:26, Rick Merrill wrote:
> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>> Mark Hansen wrote:
>>> On 03/12/09 15:13, Rick Merrill wrote:
>>>> Leonidas Jones wrote:
>>>> ...
>>>>> This server does not honor cancel requests, I am afraid.  If you 
>>>>> cancel your original, it will be removed from your view, but not 
>>>>> from the server, not to mention the Google archive.
>>>> Assuming that is so, why can I not "delete" messages posted from 
>>>> other people, if i just want to not see them?
>>> Your use of the phrase "Assuming that is so" leaves me a little confused.
>>> Do you feel that the news server's inability to cancel posts somehow 
>>> should
>>> then allow you to delete other poster's messages? I think I'm missing the
>>> connection here.
>> actually, you can delete someone elses postings.  If you download the 
>> messages for offline use, then the posting reside on your computer, and 
>> you can do anything you want.
>> But, you can't delete the postings from the server, because the server 
>> doesn't belong to you.
> well, to clarify my meaning a tad, when I accidentally hit delete
> on someone else's post, it says "no can do".  YET others tell me
> that I cannot delete my own posts "from the server".  I understand that
> it's too late to delete posts propagated to other servers, but I found 
> it paradoxical.

I think what you're missing is that on some servers, you *can* cancel
your own posts. However, the client will not let you even attempt to
cancel another user's post.
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