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Michael Gordon wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo replied On 3/10/2009 9:15 PM

Daniel wrote:
jim wrote:
Thanks Margaret. you've done it Again. Cheers. jim ps ticked_ Size_ on My list.
I'm missing Margret's reply (twice). What did she suggest and when has Margaret done it before??

there are a lot of people here who will email you the answer rather than posting it here so others can see it and learn from it.


In the event you don't know, and for others who would like to know it is an added column in the messages received window.

In the messages received window there is a title bar that by default shows the Subject, Sender, etc. To the far right of that title bar there should be a tiny icon indicating more selections, mine is a downward arrow. If you click that icon you will see a host of additional columns you can add to the title bar, including "message and attachment" size.


Are you sure, Michael, are you sure??

I've got no idea what Margaret and Jim communicated about, which is why I asked to see Margaret's reply.

You may be right, Michael, but then again.......


The reason everything is so cryptic here is because this news server block all messages with attachments, even small instructive ones. If you would like a visual I invite you to join the netscape.test.multimedia news group where we enhance our user support with imagery.

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