MikeSSanders wrote:
I have had a pc all my life and used FrontPage to create a couple of
large web-sites. Now I am using iMac and wanted to find a way to edit
those sites from this computer. If SeaMonkey does that, how can I
transfer all the data from the sites to this computer prior to editing
and publishing further material or is that not possible.

Welcome to the world of Macs!!

SeaMonkey Composer can edit web sites, though, since you have been using Front Page, you most likely have a lot of Microsoft specific code on the pages.

Before proceeding, take a look at your web sites in both SeaMonkey and Safari. If they are displaying as you want, then proceed.

All you really have to do is open Composer,which can be dome from the menubar, which, on a Mac, is detached from the application window. Click Window>>Composer. You can also open it from the Component Bar, which is at the lower left of the SeaMonkey window, in the status bar.

With Composer open, click File>>Open File, then browse to the location of your local copy of your web pages. Pick the one you wish to edit and open it.

If you are making minor changes, text changes for example, it ought to work fine. If you have been using the Front Page extensions, you will likely have a problem. Still, give a try and see what happens.


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