On Mar 15, 2009, at 7:10 PM, MikeSSanders wrote:

I have had a pc all my life and used FrontPage to create a couple of
large web-sites. Now I am using iMac and wanted to find a way to edit
those sites from this computer. If SeaMonkey does that, how can I
transfer all the data from the sites to this computer prior to editing
and publishing further material or is that not possible.

I believe you only need to Open each of the web site pages in SeaMonkey, then under the file menu you would click on edit the file, and start editing the pages and save them to your desktop. You will then own the pages and can publish them.

The other option is to use an FTP client to DL all the files from the web site, and then start editing them with SeaMonkey and publishing them again.


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