Ant wrote:
(no debugging symbols found)

Now what? I don't know how to use this gdb thing. :(

I don't know much more there either but the next step should be entering "run". Then, for crash bugs, the next command after that would be "bt" for getting a backtrace. Since in your case SM freezes I don't know whether killing SM will give you similar results but you may try pressing Ctrl+C in the console window instead of killing SM by other means. Anyway, as the "(no debugging symbols found)" indicates, your SM is stripped so you probably won't get meaningful results anyway. You'd have to use a version compiled with debugging support but I'm not sure whether those are available or you need to compile yourself. If you installed SM using packages for your distribution it may be worth a try to search for a matching package providing debugging symbols.

There are some instructions on [1] but I guess they don't apply to SM1.x.

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