Win XP Pro SP3 SM 1.1.14

Today I got a send error stating that my message could not be copied to the sent box. When looking at local settings\temp I observed iterations of NSCopy.tmp and NSCopy1.tmp. Both with 0 bits/bytes.

I also have had a lot of trouble sending out multiple recipient e-mails with attachment because NSMail*.tmp either gets scrambled or will not be automatically deleted and therefore SM refuses to let me send. The message is "....can not attach files...." The files mentioned are a combination of jpgs embedded in a html composed e-mail and an attachment, usually a pdf I an trying to send. After that, the jpgs sometimes disappear from the e-mail compose page itself, leaving an empty insert window. I always have to cancel the send. I am guessing that means wherever (elsewhere) SM assembles the e-mail is also messed up. The e-mail also cannot be saved as a draft or template. Sometimes I have to close out of SM mail client altogether before I can manually delete these tmp files. Once the .tmps are gone, I can start over again/continue.

I do not think it is something to work around (except save files first as drafts or templates--which I do), but I think it is a bug. Have these NS^.tmp issues been addressed someplace? Will Seamonkey 2x handle smtp mail differently?
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